To develop new and inventive sharpening solutions for the food service industry by using science, and to assist our processing partners in financial gain through our services.


-Sharpening service for food processing blades and knives
-Blade and knife sourcing
-Blade and knife design
-Processing plant knife sharpness consultations and audits
-Knife life tracking
-Circle blade sharpening service
-Industry leading turn a round time
-Industry leading sharpness standards


-Improve yields
-Improve shelf life
-Cleaner looking cuts-no rips
-Less product purge
-Longer run times
-Save on operating cost
-Track blade and edge life


The process is simple.  Start by stop throwing away blades and knives.  Instead, put them in the blade shipping container provided by Resharp Industries at no charge.  You can ship the blades yourself or call us and we’ll arrange the pick up.  This is the hastle-free way of saving money on your operating expense.


The team at Resharp Industries is specially trained in getting the most out of your already purchased assets.  We see your trash blades as having value.

Our goal is to improve upon the original new blade standard- to return back to you sharper, cleaned and engraved (for tracking the frequency of sharpening).

All blades are guaranteed to perform at or better than original standards.  Free trials are offered on machine setups, so it’s up to you to start the savings.  Contact us and we’ll set up the trial.